Conversation with Buck P Creacy, Storyteller

December 22, 2012

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Buck P Creacy is a Humorist, Storyteller, and America’s Funniest Toolmaker. We talked at his home and recording studio in Stamping Ground, Kentucky in Scott County. We covered his very early years spent in Texas honky-tonks, a kidnapping, tragedy, new beginnings, family ties, and the wonderful world of storytelling. We ended with a story that illustrates what to not give as a Christmas gift.

Buck is the founder, owner and producer of A World of Story Telling Radio. This radio station  broadcasts the telling of stories by some of the world’s best tellers. He operates this radio station out of his Aslan Productions Studio. Information about how to listen on iTunes radio and Live365 Radio is mentioned in the program and listed below.

He is also involved as an Event Producer with the International Christian Storytelling Conference.

Here are links to some of the websites mentioned in our conversation.

Buck’s story telling radio station is at

To listen to The World of Storytelling Radio on iTunes click on the Radio tab, scroll down to the News/Talk Radio category and then scroll down to the W’s and look for A World of Storytelling.

Humorist, Storyteller, America's Funniest Toolmaker

Humorist, Storyteller, America’s Funniest Toolmaker

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