Featuring Linda Stewart – Blind but not without vision

February 2, 2013

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Linda Stewart has been my friend and fellow Toastmaster for about a dozen years. She has been blind since birth.

In this conversation, she talks about being born and raised in Chicago, her early years being a sightless child, the support her parents and community provided for her, unconventional eye treatments and how she rebelled against them, being taught trust and self confidence, her first guide dog and their  adventure together on their first day on into the night, guide dog training, her faith, Toastmasters training, an unusual courtship that finally became a lasting marriage, how she came to be in Kentucky, and her family.

We close with a description of her business life today as a Scentsy Consultant.

That is a lot of ground to cover, but with Linda’s storytelling ability, she carried us through in an interesting and inspirational way.

She can be reached through her business website at www.SafeCandlesKY.com

Linda provides her phone number during the conversation so that other visually impaired people can do business with her that way rather than on the website. That phone number is 1-859-321-5577

We recorded this conversation at Linda’s home in Lexington, Kentucky.

Linda Stewart

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