Featuring Doc Messina – Advocate of The Arts in Christian Outreach

March 8, 2013

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Dr. Frank Messina has used his education, talents and life experiences to teach, entertain, challenge and inspire his friends and audiences. As one of those friends, I have enjoyed and benefited from spending time with him on many coffee breaks since 2009. I have also been a grateful participant in his workshops.

With a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Music Education, a Masters Degree in Telecommunications, and a Doctoral Degree in Education he has a solid background in formal education. Add to that decades in the classroom, and years in front of workshop audiences and on stage as an entertainer playing guitar and piano, singing and telling stories…well, it was a challenge to keep our conversation to about an hour.

His latest passion is revisiting the topic of his doctoral dissertation, using the arts to teach non-artistic concepts in the classroom,  and applying some of those concepts to Christian Outreach. We discuss those concepts and include an original tune written and performed by Doc.

Doc Messina

Doc Messina

Doc would appreciate hearing about your thoughts and experiences with outreach programs. Please email those to The Arts In Christian Outreach at:

theartsinchristianoutreach@gmail.com or to docmessina@gmail.com

You can also visit his LIR Studio music website at www.docmessina.com

We recorded our conversation in his home in Lexington, Kentucky with 14 love birds as our audience.



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