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June 8, 2013


Mary Claire O'Neal

Mary Claire O’Neal

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Mary Claire O’Neal suffered, like so many of us, from social shyness and stage fright as a young girl and college student. That affliction prevents many people from moving ahead with their life’s work. I can certainly relate because that was my story at that time as well. The great news is that she overcame that obstacle and moved on to teach others how to overcome it as well.

I am inspired by the story of how she began the journey of self discovery, became an actress on one of the world’s best stages in London, started her own communications consulting business and wrote an award winning book titled Becoming What You Want to See in The World.

In this conversation we talk about that journey and the tools, activities, and actions plans that she teaches in her very clear and concise way.

I have read her book, listened to her audio program, attended some of her workshops, heard her speak, and benefited from knowing Mary Claire in ways that are still unfolding. I invite you to get to know Mary Claire and her work as well.

The links that we mention during the show are listed below.

Become What You Want to See More of in the World Blog: http://maryclaireoneal.wordpress.com
River Birch Publishing:
The Mighty Quinn (in training to be Dr. Quinn Medicine Dog):
Gluten-free, vegan cooking blog:
Phone: 1-859-272-2515


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