A Conversation with Lenroy Jones – Career Coach and Columnist

June 20, 2015

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Lenroy Jones is a career coach. He has a passion for helping people close the gap between the job search and a satisfying career. He is a Columnist for the Lexington Herald-Leader. He writes insightful features on career and job search topics. You can find his articles by searching for Lenroy Jones at www.kentucky.com 

Lenroy Jones

Lenroy Jones

For over 20 years Lenroy has been an energetic and inspirational speaker who educates and motivates his audience with his warm and engaging speaking style. He uses humor and current information about his topics which include The Job Search Process, Dining Etiquette, Diversity, Leadership, Networking, Fund Development, Greek Life, Motivation, and Team Building. He has a passion for teaching students and graduates on topics related to career success, preparation, and advancement. 

Lenroy has over 25 years of experience at five different institutions, ranging from large public research universities to mid-size schools, and consults fortune 100 companies and nonprofit organization on recruitment of talent. Lenroy provides one on one coaching to empower individuals in their search for career success. He has the knowledge and experience to consult on team building, diversity, and strategic planning. He also works with organizations in their search for top talent. 

He’s a seasoned manager who embraces innovation with the goal of increasing success with his clients. His passion is helping individuals connect to their passion and purpose, and he is one of the leading thinkers in career development and management in the nation.  

Lenroy understands the job search process in America’s New Economy. His presentation style is interactive and engaging. 

Lenroy is the author of over 20 articles that cover every aspect of the job search and career management and reveals an innovative and unique approach to career management. His bottom-line is that he’s motivated to teach and coach you to employment of your choosing.  

He has a strong belief that what you put into your job search is what you will get out of it. 

He offers his clients a life time commitment of listening and working with employers to secure talent. He has coached thousands and presented workshops on the local and national levels. 

He holds a master’s degree from Michigan State University and a bachelor’s degree in Interpersonal and Public Communications from Central Michigan University. Lenroy currently serves as a Church Administrator with Consolidated Baptist Church in Lexington, Kentucky where he is responsible for operations, personnel, and financials on a daily basis.  

He’s taught a number of courses on career development and management. Currently, Lenroy is on faculty with the Lexington Healing Arts Academy and teaches Professional and Career Development.

Lenroy’s facebook page is at:  www.facebook.com/careerdude.

His LinkedIn page it at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lenroyjones

His email address is Lenroy.Jones@gmail.com and his phone is 1-954-483-0820.

The archive of his newspaper column is available HERE.

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